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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Printing Shop, MD Prima Binds Book & Design Graphic.

"Inspirational quality printing"

Need urgent prints for morning meeting? We will help to get it done the night before.

MD Prima is the printing shop for Mutiara Digital. UITM students loves their services as they do all types of document from printing to graphic design, binding thesis to printing banners..

Printing, Graphic, Workstation:
Print document & brochures, bind documents, journals, books & theses, tickets & stickers..
Graphic Design stationary, name card, corporate logo & promo banners, labels & branding.
Workstations with high speed internet & dedicated printers in office comfort.
Binding works: Book Binding (perfectbind), Theses Hard Cover, Photobook, Magazine Prototype, Proposal wirebinding. 0355233326